Co-Design & Competitions

ParticiPlace is a yearly design competition which brings together international designers and communities-in-need to work on sustainable and socially sensitive building designs.
By crowdsourcing design projects to international designers through a competition process, ParticiPlace allows affordable building design for communities in need.
By facilitating the initiation of a projects, and the communication between designers and community members, ParticiPlace creates a meaningful co-design process which empowers local communities to become active participants in the design of their environment. 
Competitions can be initiated by anyone who needs an affordable design solution whether it is community representatives, public officials, entrepreneurs, NGOs, etc. whoever the initiator is, ParticiPlace requires and facilitates direct communication between designers and the local community.

In 2012, ParticiPlace’s challengers will design an off-grid living-culture center for the Pinoleville Pomo Nation (PPN), a Native American nation in Northern California. The emphasis will be on an onsite-generated, low-energy building which is sensitive to the local culture, as will be detailed in the program handout to be released to participants
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