As a participatory research and participatory design project ParticiPlace's main goal is to create design results that are appropriate to the community. 
We believe that the only way to reach socially and culturally appropriate design is by communicating directly (face-to-face and virtually) with members of the community.
Though participating design projects can be initiated by any stakeholder, ParticiPlace will facilitate the communication with the local community where the project will be located. 
Due to this unique method, ParticiPlace empowers community and allows them to take an active role in the design process of projects within their community. It gives the community an easy way to initiate a design project according to their needs and it allows project which were not initiated by the community to invite the community to take an active part in the design process and the influence the final design solution.
If you are a community that needs affordable design services or would like to initiate a design competition please contact us.